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  • Performance is based upon simplicity

  • Simplicity is complex and needs development

  • Design is a process of knowledge

  • Uniqueness is a decision and statement

  • All together is HTS Boards!

HTS Boards

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About About

  • Passion · 100%
  • Vision · 100%
  • Creativity · 100%
  • Development · 100%
  • Custom Handmade Technology · 100%
  • Design · 100%
  • Uniqueness · 100%
  • Performance · 100%

The ambition of HTS Boards is on the highest level since more than 12 years.

We are driven by the deepest passion of building the most professional windsurf, sup and surf boards with visionary and creative ideas.

We create new groundbreaking shapes and designs by daily visionary and creative development .

All boards are made in undoubtedly the highest, best and most expensive Custom Handmade Technology

Finally our fascinating and thrilling design expresses the difference and uniqueness of each single HTS Boards board.

All this together is reflected in the stunning performance of our boards on the water.

Where others stop, we open a new door.
This is our strength, difference and uniqueness.

I invite you to join us and enjoy with us every second on the water.
Heiko-Torsten Stiefel
Owner/Ceo and Designer of HTS Boards


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Brand Philosophy

Passion & Creativity & Vision

Brand Knowledge

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Design & Uniqueness

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HTS Boards™ Head Unit
professional board sports
Beim Tilgesbrunnen 32
D-66130 Saarbr├╝cken

HTS Boards™ Pro Shop
professional board sports
Beim Tilgesbrunnen 32
D-66130 Saarbr├╝cken

fon: [+]49 - (0)681 - 37 2000 88 2
fax: [+]49 - (0)681 - 37 2000 88 9

HTS Boards™ Head Unit

HTS Boards™ Pro Shop